Neeru Dosa


Neeru Dosas – Ready to Eat

Neeru Dosa is a Kannada name that can be directly translated into English as “Water Crepe,” although water is not the only ingredient used to make it. These are incredibly delicious, but easy-to-make crepes that even beginners can easily make.





1 cup white rice

A handful of beaten rice

Salt to taste

Here is how I make these crepes.

  • I soak the white rice overnight.
  • The next morning, I fine grind the white rice with a handful of beaten rice and salt to taste.
  • I add a lot of water to it so that it resembles thick milk.

Batter for Neeru Dosa

  • I pour a ladle of this batter on a hot, oiled pan and fry the crepe on both sides.

    Neeru Dosa Frying on the Pan

    My Comments

    These crepes are very easy to prepare. I use the dosa akki (white dosa rice) that is easily available in our Mangalore stores and the thin variety of beaten rice, not the thick.

    Some people add a handful of fresh grated coconut or a handful of boiled rice instead of beaten rice. And some use hot water to make the batter instead of cold water.

    Some people do not flip the dosa and fry it on both sides. I just like my dosas fried on both sides.

    If you are making Neeru Dosa for the first time, you may find it difficult to lift your crepes off the pan; so make sure you use only non stick pans. Avoid adding too much water to the batter as the dosas will not lift off the pan. Only experience can tell you the correct batter consistency.

    Neeru dosa appears to be a South Indian delicacy. It is best eaten with chicken curry although you can also eat it with a variety of chutneys, pickles, and sauces. Some people love eating it with coconut milk mixed with jaggery (unrefined brown sugar).

    I guess you can eat this delicious dosa anyway you like. When I was a kid, I always had it with sugar, but now, I love eating it with coconut chutney and tomato sauce.

    Enjoy your Neeru Dosas!!



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