Ballpoint Marks on Your Computer Screen? Erase Them!

A simple (not so well made) video that shows how it is done.

One fine day, when I wasn’t around, you took my ballpoint pen and scribbled all over the computer screen. No, you weren’t an innocent little babe. You were old enough to know exactly what you were doing. Perhaps you were fascinated. When you got tired of scribbling, you were worried about the consequences, hid under the sofa, and remained unbelievably quiet.


The offending ballpoint pen

Needless to say, I wasn’t amused when I saw your handiwork. I was real mad. I hunted for you all over the house, pulled you out of the sofa, and gave you a good scolding. After acting like a chicken that had lost its head for some time, I realized that this sort of behavior wasn’t going to get those marks off my computer screen.

What on earth can one do when disaster strikes? This is what I did.

  1. Talk my head off.

Solutions to problems are found in complete silence. So, if one is mad, one must just calm down.

  1. I tried water.

I was too scared to use cleaning fluids or perfumes on my precious computer screen. What if I wrecked it beyond repair? So I used water. It did not work.

  1. I called up the computer service center.

“Hello!”  I gasped when I heard a response. “The baby has scribbled all over the monitor with a ballpoint pen. The marks won’t come off. Please help!”

“The same baby who pulled the keys out of your laptop?” replied an amused voice. “I will ask the technician, madam. Please wait.”

After making me wait for nearly ten minutes, she said: “Madam, I am sorry, but he doesn’t know.”

  1. I called up a friend.

“Hey! The baby scribbled all over the computer screen with a ballpoint pen. What should I do?” I said as soon as she responded.

I heard some funny sounds from the other side and was puzzled for a moment. When I realized that she was actually laughing … laughing … I couldn’t believe it! How could she laugh?

Needless to say, she couldn’t help me in any way.

  1. I turned to Google.

Believe me, Google is a woman’s best friend. Fine, Google is a man’s best friend too. I felt, and quite rightly, that you might not be the first child in the world to get the brilliant idea of scribbling over a computer screen with a ballpoint pen.

Google turned up with a solution that was incredibly simple—an eraser.

“Hey kiddo, fetch me your eraser!” I yelled.

I then erased your art work off my computer screen with a smile on my face. I had to remove the most stubborn marks by holding the screen with one hand and pressing the eraser gently into the screen while rubbing. But it worked like a charm!

Written in response to the Daily Prompt at The Daily Post. 


4 thoughts on “Ballpoint Marks on Your Computer Screen? Erase Them!

    • Yes, everything is fine now and it does look funny when I think back on it. I too laugh when I think about it. 🙂 🙂 The kiddo is a bit older and wiser now, but he remembers the incident well.

      Thanks a bunch for the comment. Its the first time someone has commented on my blog and I am thrilled.

      Liked by 1 person

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