Hey, I Am Great!

Hey, I am great! I mean it! I am the only duck who managed to get out of that enclosure. I have brains … I sure do. I am a hero … a superstar … the moment I got out of the enclosure or coop or duck house or whatever the people who manage Pilikula Nisargadhama want to call it, everybody stopped doing whatever it is they were doing. No, I am not exaggerating. They dropped everything except their mobile phones and started taking pictures of me.


The duck

That’s our enclosure. One of us has become a mother. See those cute chicks!


The chicks

I repeat, I am great, but I am terrified of dogs. And there is a dog loose! Who let that dog out? Eeeks!!


Who let the dog out? 

My screams may have added to the sound pollution, but I am safe now. That silly dog can’t catch me here. Huh!!



Safe here

Oh, this is heaven … truly a duck’s heaven.



This is heaven 


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