Those Life Giving Rays


The sun’s life-giving rays seen through the branches of the pine tree at Kadri Park

This is my old friend, the pine tree at Kadri Park, again. This time I caught him playing with the tender, warm rays of the morning sun.

Nature is beautiful, and the most awe-inspiring thing in nature is the sun–soothing, healing, tender, warm, and life giving while simultaneously scorching hot and fierce.

I understand why the ancients worshipped the sun as god. I understand why many people still do.


6 thoughts on “Those Life Giving Rays

  1. Commenting bootcamp says that I should disagree on something, but I’m not … :p
    Yesterday I spent 40 minutes on a train, passing beautiful misty fields, wet and whit and shimmering in the pale morning sun. I wished I had brought my big camera, but then let it go. I enjoyed the moment as it was. Nature often has a healing effect, hasn’t it?

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