Weekly Photo Challenge: 3 Things Round and Beautiful

Ever since I spotted the topic for this week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post, I have been seeing too many round things. I guess Mother Nature is very fond of the round shape and so are her children.

Selecting just three round things was not that easy, but I somehow managed to do it.

So, here are those 3 things round and beautiful.

The First Round: The Fruit of the Cannonball Tree

Couroupita guianensis, which is widely known as cannonball tree, hails from the rainforests of Central and South America although it grows well in several places around the world. I have seen cannonball trees all over Mangalore – in Dongerkery, Kadri Park, and Nanthoor.

Hindus believe this tree to be sacred. My friend told me that the local people call it “nagasampige” as its flowers resemble the serpent. The tree is commonly grown in the premises of temples dedicated to Shiva who is believed to be fond of its flowers.

The Second Round: The Marigold

These beautiful round golden yellow and orange flowers grow all over the world. We Mangaloreans are quite familiar with them and call them “gonde.”

The picture posted below was taken several years back by a friend who hardly comes online these days because he is too busy.


Marigold: Photo by Kamalaksha

Marigold comes in several varieties, and these could be the Aztec Marigold, but I am not sure.

The Third Round: The Pineapple

I know that pineapples are not round when they are ready to be eaten. You should see them when they emerge from the plant – cute and bright red and round.


Young pineapple in our garden



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