A Visit from the Rhinoceros Beetle

This rhinoceros beetle, called “kurvai” in the local language, must have flown into my house through an open window some time on the night of Dec 24, 2015. Having flown in, it must have struck some object and remained motionless for several hours till I spotted it while sweeping the floor on the next day.

We Mangaloreans are not fond of rhinoceros beetles because they destroy our coconut trees. We look for various ways to eliminate these pests.


Since we have just a few coconut trees in our small garden, I wasn’t particularly enraged when I saw this creature lying on the floor. I just took his photograph, swept him up on the dustpan, and chucked him out on the road.

If you are a coconut farmer who is fed up of these pests, this article might interest you.


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