The Dog War


It seemed a good idea at the time, a great way to teach my annoying neighbor a lesson.

She had brought an Alsatian and spent most of her time teaching it to bark. The animal barked all day and every day, robbing us of our sleep and driving us out of our minds.

I even had a battle of words with her over the garden wall, but she refused to see reason. On the contrary, she took offence and told the entire neighborhood that I was a dog-hating monster.

I therefore got a female dog. I wanted the neighbor’s male to fall in love with my female and give my neighbor a headache.

Whenever she took her dog for a walk, I followed her with my dog. Every day, the two animals strained at their leash and made desperate attempts to get to each other.

And one day, I just let go. When her dog saw that my dog was loose, he got inspired. He just knocked down his owner and rushed to meet my dog.

The two then ran off together as fast as their four legs could carry them and never returned.

I guess they got married and lived happily ever after, leaving the neighborhood in blessed peace.

The above piece was written in response to Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Week #2 – 2016. 


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