Weekly Photo Challenge: Hair

This week’s weekly photo challenge is quite challenging.


Perplexed, I pushed a few strands of hair out of my eyes and got this idea.

My far from luxuriant locks have absolutely no weight. I lose quite a lot of it everyday. I guess my hair is the most neglected part of my body. I guess it is high time I get off my ass and start taking care of it or else I will have to go wig shopping soon.


This is my hair.

I wish I had a beard too, but unfortunately I don’t. I would have had loads of fun posting pictures of it.

Instead, I forced my little boy to stand still for a few seconds so that I could take the second picture.


This is my little boy’s hair.

By now, the little boy was very much interested in the game. We have another head in the house, which was engrossed in the television at that moment. I didn’t even have to request her to sit still–taking a picture of her hair was as easy as eating a piece of cake.

So, here is my mother’s hair, whitened with the weight of wisdom and experience.


This is my mother’s hair.


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