New Killer Insect – Really?

I received this two-in-one picture on Whatsapp a few days back—a badly injured hand juxtaposed with an insect.


The insect appeared harmless to me. Somehow, I couldn’t believe that it was capable of injuring a human being to this extent.

The text message that accompanied the message warned the reader never to kill this insect with bare hands as it contains a virus that spreads all over the body in just a few minutes.

Killer bug

The Whatsapp Message

Now doesn’t that smell of hoax?

The Insect – Giant Water Bug

Yes, that’s the name of the “new killer insect”—giant water bug.

Nobody in their right minds would fall in love with it at first sight, but it is definitely an interesting creature.

  • It is a resident of the United States and Southern Canada
  • It is a predator that hunts and eats pests such as mosquitoes in water.
  • It hides behind water plants so that it can catch hold of delicious snacks such as bugs and small fish.
  • It has a sharp beak, which it uses to inject a poison into the prey.
  • This poison performs two actions—paralyses the prey and liquefies it, making it easier (and tastier I guess) to munch on.
  • Don’t underestimate the giant water bug as it can catch and eat prey that is 50 times larger than it.
  • It is fond of light, so you with find it under porch lights and street lights.
  • Since it has a nasty habit of biting people’s toes, it is also called “toe biter.”

A giant water bug bite can lead to pain and swelling for around two weeks, but it won’t kill you. And your hand definitely won’t become like the hand in the picture.

Great Dads

Male giant water bugs are great dads who carry the eggs on their backs till they hatch. However, daddy makes extra sure that the babies are really his.

He insists that the female stay with him for up to six hours and copulate with him up to fifty times to make absolutely sure that the babies are his.

And one can’t blame him for having such an attitude as he needs to carry the eggs on his back not only to keep them oxygenated and moist, but also to protect them from female giant water bugs that like to eat them.

The Hand

Oh, that’s nothing to worry about! It is just a makeup trick shared on YouTube by QUEENKINGSFX. You can check it out for yourself.

On the other hand, if you have trypophobia (fear of holes), you had better not watch that video.

My Sources:

Expectacular World



20 thoughts on “New Killer Insect – Really?

  1. Like I tell everyone in the family…”When in doubt, Google It!”

    Nicely done, by the way…the hand is fairly creepy. It’s amazing what people can do nowadays. I once Photoshopped a giant tree frog with tiger stripes and fangs eating a Zebra in the Serengeti. I called it, “Tiger Frog.” It was pretty amazing if you ask me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. false news alarming individuals should be punish…. why they are giving us false information?…. giant water bugs insect doesn’t transmit any disease like that… seriously the culprit should be hang

    Liked by 1 person

    • It all begins as a joke and then gullible people believe it to be the truth and spread it among their friends and family members. 😊 Thanks for visiting my blog.


    • I agree. I think sick and demented people are the only ones that would do that. ESP. Knowing kids like mine, love bugs and check online to be safe. If they keep seeing that they will stop believing and end up getting hurt or killed cause of idiots.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Really I am so glad to hard about such infos/high_lightment like this. When I was whatsapp with it pictures with a worning not to turch/kill it with a bare hand, becoz it spread it virus and distroy human system within a munit. I was so amazed with no hope that if it’s possible to reach us in Africa, especially my own village we’ll depends on farming. And I has so many younger kids So I had no hope that we could be save from it! .As we were distroyed by ebola virus few yrs ago(Kumala Nieni Chief Dom, Koinadugu District, Sierra Leone West Africa). But am now glad about it falsefy one. So am so kindful about your deliscious effort. 4more enfos… whatsapp me on +23276758051 mail:

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  3. thanks so much for the info. its not the fear of being bit by such a creature, I was more irritated by that image. With so many “well wishers” who share this image to me, i was really irritated and kind of awkward feeling with that image. now i am feeling better.

    Liked by 1 person

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