10 Lessons Learned from Life

LessonsSince you are very sharp, you observe and understand a lot. I can safely state that you know more about life than I did when I was your age.

Here is a list of some things you have understood very well:

  1. Authorities favor only a few, and these few can get away with most offenses others get punished for.
  2. Some people just do not want to be friends. Ignore them and move on.
  3. Star stickers are not the only good things in life. In fact, one can do without them. Life has real stars to offer.
  4. Every problem has a solution … if you stay calm and think about it.
  5. Some things in life just suck. Chuck them and move on. There are better things out there.
  6. There is only one way to make peace with a loved one. Hug them tight and don’t let go.
  7. Mamma cannot be fooled, but that doesn’t matter because she is all wrapped up around my little finger.
  8. Pets die even if you beg them not to and it is no use being sad about it.
  9. For every door that bangs shut in one’s face, there are ten that will open in welcome.
  10. One can always wriggle out of unwanted and unpleasant situations.

I love the way you are blossoming into an observant, sharp, thoughtful, and responsible human being. Never stop reading the book of life. Believe me, it will teach you amazing things, more than your text books can ever teach you.

One day, you will read this post. I want you to know that you are my greatest inspiration in life. We do eat each other’s heads, you and I, and we do argue our heads off. But the truth remains that you are my greatest inspiration in life and will always be.


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