Overcome Fear – Take the Plunge

I am not a coward, but I do feel scared.

I guess all normal human beings feel scared. In my case, it is fear of the spotlight. I just hate the idea of too many people watching me.

Blogging is not a private activity. You are putting yourself out there for the entire world to see.

It took me a long time to gather the courage to start “Scribbles.” I had to silence all these voices in my head.

Voice 1: Hey … Sonia’s starting a blog. That’s a good joke, don’t you think?

Voice 2: Come on dear. Don’t be an ass. Just forget it and do the work that fetches money. You don’t want to starve starting blogs, do you?

Voice 3: I can’t wait for you to start. After all, you started many, didn’t you? What are their URLs? You don’t remember? Bwahahahaaa…

Voice 4: You know you are busy. Admit it. You have no time to comb your hair. You have forgotten what your face looks like because you hardly study it in a mirror. Blogging takes time and effort.

Voice 5: Ah yea…. Start a blog. Let everybody read it and have fun talking about you behind your back.

Voice 6: What if someone big reads something stupid you just wrote and gets offended? What if that someone big does something really bad to you? Just think … you are a Mom.

Yes, I had to silence all these voices before I could start this blog.

When I started this blog, I did it quietly. I never told anybody about it. I did not even know what I was doing. Your likes and comments greatly encouraged me and I will always be grateful to you.

After a month of regular blogging, I gathered the courage to post my photo. A person who, once upon a time, hated taking her own photos because she thought she was ugly finally posted her own photo on her blog.

And now, there is another problem—promotion. I cannot hide this blog the way I carefully concealed several short stories, poems, observations, and articles on my hard disk. It is already being viewed. Moreover, I am a freelance writer. People around me are curious. They want to know what I write.

“Scribbles” was born to satisfy people’s insatiable curiosity about my job and my own desire to resurrect the dead creative writer in me. Therefore, “Scribbles” needs to be placed before the world. At least, it needs to be put in a place where as many people as possible can find it.

But I am scared. I am an introvert who loves my shell a lot.

So I scampered to Google for help and was relieved to discover that I wasn’t the only scared person around. At the same time, I was disappointed to note that nobody could teach me how to overcome fear. Every writer I read told me that I had to do the very thing I was afraid of.

So, I guess I have to do it. I have to tell the world that I have a blog. I have to throw the door open. This sure needs a lot of courage. I really do admire some friends of mine who can promote themselves with ease.

I just have to do it … just like I did so many things I was afraid of.

The only way to overcome fear is to do whatever it is you are afraid of doing. There is no magic formula or pill to cure fear. It vanishes when you show that you don’t give a damn.


10 thoughts on “Overcome Fear – Take the Plunge

  1. Woo hoo! Glad that you silenced those voices! 😀
    I see that you’ve been blogging already for 6 months now! And I only just landed on your blog! I guess I have some catching up to do. All the best to you, Sonia. I was hearing similar voices when I opened my store. Everything works out fine though. Your blog will too. Don’t stress too much! See you around now!
    – Chicky @ http://www.mysteriouskaddu.com

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    • You opened a store?? Wow that’s lovely. Here I am wondering if I ought to upgrade or not. It’s really nice to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. ☺


  2. Sonia I am glad that you are writing – It is clearly seen that you are doing something that makes you happy. And I am glad that you silenced all those voices which were refraining you from doing this. Keep writing and keep any kind of a fear at a distance! Good Luck.

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  3. I can completely relate to this post. I believe a lot of people share the same anxiety you mentioned above – even if it’s not in respect to a blog. When I started my business, I didn’t want to tell anyone and I had the same thoughts in my head. I was worried and overwhelmed. I’ve silenced those voices but still have a tough time promoting my business to others. Great piece!

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