Thoughts from the Past

Since I am too tired to write something new today, I thought I would post these questions and answers – some thoughts from the past.

I found these in my hard disk today. I do not remember when and why I wrote them. I guess I must have written them for a client who wanted to “test my writing skills.”

When I read them, I felt like I was reading a stranger’s work. I wonder if this happens to other writers too. Have you ever found an old, forgotten piece of work and felt that it was not you, but a stranger who wrote it?

So here are those thoughts from the past.

What is your most obsessive thought?

It all began as a tiny wish. I just wanted to stop thinking because my cranium was simply cluttered with thoughts that refused to sit still and fluttered around like agitated birds. The tiny wish has now become an impossible obsession. Now, instead of small fluttering thoughts, I face one obsessive demon—mind-control.

Where is your favorite place in the world, and why?

I consider it to be the best place on earth because of the positive effects it has on me. It is beautiful, warm, and comfortable. It holds in a warm embrace everything that I cherish and hold dear. It revives me when I droop and enfolds me in a cocoon of security and love. Truly, there is no place like home, where I am right now.

Under what circumstances have you been closest to death?

I rushed home early from school. I was burning with fever and longed for the comforts of home. I knew my father would be home; he always was. However, an uncanny stillness greeted me. Scared, I called out to him, rushing from room to room. I finally spotted him on the cold, stone floor of the kitchen, lying on his back, his eyes closed. I had never seen such a peaceful expression on his face before. Instinctively, I knew that death had visited the house.

What is the most gracious act of kindness you have witnessed?

It was six in the evening, and the school campus was empty. My eyes filled with tears, and my heart began beating faster with fear. I was hungry, too, and it wasn’t long before I started bawling. My father had forgotten to take me home from school again. Luckily, one of the teachers, who had stayed back, spotted me, comforted me, and gave me some tea and snacks. I still remember the taste of those snacks and the even sweeter taste of her kindness.

What is your earliest, most vivid memory?

My earliest, most vivid memory is that of a red polished floor, a small cluttered room, an open door, and my mother. I can still hear her voice, soft and soothing, as she sat behind me, my long hair in her hands and killed the head lice that had been tormenting me for a long time.

If you could take back one thing you have done, what would it be?

When I look back at all the misery and unhappiness I have suffered, I am struck by the utter futility and folly of it. Given a chance, I would turn back the wheels of time and live the same life again with a smile on my face, with joy, and happiness. I have learnt that unhappiness is sheer foolishness, when there is the better choice of joy.

What is your greatest talent or accomplishment?

My biggest problem is life is that the ideas in my mind take an excessively long time to become real. It is something like a Web page that refused to load due to a lousy Internet connection. But then, these two ideas that were playing in my mind took the form of two children’s novel real fast. I consider this to be my greatest accomplishment.

What is the most joyful moment you have experienced?

I had never felt happier in my life. In fact, I was so happy that I could burst. I felt as light as a bird. I wanted to sing like a lark. Someone seemed to have tied a pair of wings to my feet. I lightly flew down the stairs and into the road, my face beaming. My resignation letter had been accepted, and I was free of the lousiest job in the whole wide world.



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