A Slice of the Colorful International Kite Festival of 2016

We got the opportunity to experience a small slice of the fifth edition of the International Kite Festival of 2016 held on Panambur Beach, 10kms kilometers from the heart of Mangalore. Although it was just a small slice, it was the most colorful experience we ever had. The blue skies of the afternoon were splashed with the bright colors of kites from all over the world.

The hot sands, the speed boats, a few horses, a lone camel, birds hunting for snacks, people having unlimited fun, street delicacies from Mumbai and Mangalore, the ice creams, the sugarcane stalls, the gola sherbets, the sparkling blue waves—all these ingredients went into one magical, mesmerizing event—the International Kite Festival of 2016.

The Rotary Clubs of Zone IV Mangalore organized this colorful event in collaboration with Team Mangalore, a group of kite lovers from Mangalore. This year, the organizers’ motto was “One Sky, One Earth, One Family.” The festival attracted kite flying teams from 13 countries—Cambodia, Kuwait, France, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Germany, Ukraine, France, and India

The Kites

Watch the colorful kites dotting the blue skies. People of all ages enthusiastically purchased kites from several kite stalls along the road leading up to the beach and flew them with glee. We could see kites, kites, and more kites in the sky.


See them close up.

See more beautiful kites here.

The Kala Khatta Sherbet

We ordered two to slake our thirst at a Mumbai street food stall. It looked and tasted delicious, but was rather wasted on us. The black ice ball (gola) was simply too big to handle for two people who had never had a kala khatta sherbet gola before.


Panambur Beach

The credit of enhancing the charm and beauty of this festival goes to Panambur Beach, one of the loveliest beaches of Kudla (Mangalore), located in the vicinity of the New Mangalore Port, the Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited, and Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers (MCF).



Hunting for Snacks


Speed Boat – Waiting for Customers 

The beach is widely acclaimed as the safest and cleanest beach in India. This is because it is maintained by the Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project, a private enterprise that makes sure that the beach remains clean, safe, and attractive to tourists. Panambur beach is famous for its horse and camel rides, speed boat rides, dolphin viewing, amazing food, and trained lifeguards. The beach has also proved to be a great venue for weddings, parties, and events.


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