Fruit and Flower Show 2016 at Kadri Park

The fruit and flower exhibition is an annual event organized by the Horticulture Department at Kadri Park Mangaluru. While inaugurating the event, District-in-charge Minister B. Ramanath Rai said that the event is being organized as part of Karavali Utsav, a larger week-long festival that showcases the culture and tradition of Kudla.

We reached Kadri Park at around 5:00 p.m. and were instantly swallowed by the crowds. The queue in front of the ticket counter was long, but moved fast. It did not take us long to purchase our tickets and get in.


Beautifully decorated entrance of Kadri Park Mangaluru

Since the crowds were quite thick, I couldn’t click many photos. In fact, I couldn’t see much except heads and shoulders. However, I gathered that it was quite a grand show, though not limited to fruits and flowers. The event featured several stalls selling a wide range of things—ice cream, sugarcane juice, watches, jewelry, art work, seeds, bulbs, saplings, agricultural equipment, flower pots, and so on. I appreciated the soothing music that accompanied the show, the colorful flower arrangements, the fruit carving, the ornamental lights, and the vegetable gardens.


Works of art made of stone … real cute …

Overhearing people’s comments and conversing with strangers was quite fun. Someone behind me grumbled that she could see more people than fruits and flowers. My little boy, who was overwhelmed by the crowds, said that he could see nothing. A man, who overheard me exclaiming over the ash gourd, said that buying vegetables is cheaper than growing them in our garden as we can never hope to get such results. A woman said that the average Kudlite can never hope to grow vegetables in his/her garden because of poor quality seeds and garden pests. As a person who had struggled in vain to grow a vegetable garden, I had to agree. It is indeed very difficult to find seeds that actually grow into plants in Kudla.


The chillies!!


The ash gourd

Kadri Park, the joggers’ paradise, looked like something out of a fairy tale today, a fairy tale full of rose sculptures, potted plants, fountains, flowers, and more flowers.


The rose dolphin


The fountains and the flowers

Outside the park, the sugarcane juice and charmuri (a snack made of puffed rice) business was rather brisk. We downed ice creams, charmuri, and sugarcane juice and went home happy.

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5 thoughts on “Fruit and Flower Show 2016 at Kadri Park

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  2. This looks like a great show and a fascinating park. I’m glad you enjoyed it (in spite of the crowds) and thank you for the photographs. I love flower and plant exhibitions and thoroughly enjoy growing (or at least trying to grow) things at home. We live in the desert so it’s hard to grow things that aren’t native to the area. That’s why I love cactus and grow many different varieties on our front patio.

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