Making Babies without Men or Women

When more than two Facebook users stated that “girls can make babies with girls,” my eyebrows shot up. I also thought that it was unfair of them not to provide any explanation. “Now how on earth could a woman make a baby with another woman?” I wondered. “Isn’t a man always necessary for the making of a baby?”

Fortunately, one of my Facebook friends had a link to share and I read the article with interest. The Mail Online article of Jan 28, 2016 bore the headline: “We can create babies without men, claim scientists.”

Before that, let me try to dumb down the complex procedure of making a baby. It requires a sperm and an egg, which have to meet in the woman’s fallopian tube. This can happen either through sexual intercourse or artificial insemination. The sperm then fertilizes the egg, and the resulting cell keeps dividing till a cluster of cells is formed. To cut a long story short, this cluster makes it way to the uterus where the cell division continues and a new life is created. In other words, the woman gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby nine months later.

But now fertility specialists from the Los Angeles based Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Genetics say it is possible for a woman to have a baby without a man. In other words, the sperm is not necessary to make a baby. In natural human reproduction, the woman’s egg, which contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, gets fertilized by the man’s sperm, which also contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, leading to the creation of a new human being. But Dr. Yang-Ling Feng and Dr. Jerry Hall have succeeded in making the eggs multiply their set of 23 chromosomes to create the 46 chromosomes that are required to create a new life.

The procedure has already been tested with mice, but is yet to be tested on human beings. Any child created using this method would be female. If it works with human beings and gets popular, it could lead to the creation of a society full of females.

Meanwhile, what about men? Can they make a baby without a woman? Check out this Daily Nation article of December 14, 2010, which has some great news for gays. According to it, scientists have succeeded in creating new life from two males.

Another Mail Online article of October 29, 2009 says that neither men nor women are essential to make a baby. Stem cells, which are cells with the ability to develop into several types of cells, can be used to make a baby. A research team from California’s Stanford University has discovered a combination of chemicals that can make stem cells develop into eggs or sperms.

Of course, these studies are brand new and a lot needs to be done before it can actually become reality.

What do you feel about this?

Do these new methods of making babies sound scary to you or just fascinating?

I must say that I am fascinated.


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