Onions Do Not Absorb Germs

20160202_133229If you have fever, stop depending on onions and go to a doctor. Irrespective of what you might have read on Facebook and Whatsapp, placing cut onions in your bedroom or stuffing them inside your socks is not going to cure you.

In an interview with BestFoodFacts.org, Dr. Ruth MacDonald, PhD, RD, and chair and professor of the department of food science and human nutrition at Iowa State University, says that onions do not absorb bacteria. Since they are acidic, their juice could have antibacterial properties, but these properties are definitely not as effective as chemical antibiotics.

The National Onion Association (NOA) has dispelled all onion myths in its letter to a concerned consumer. As the association points out, the superstition of onions as bacteria magnets dates back to the sixteenth century when scientists had not even discovered germs and people believed that diseases were caused by impure air. In its letter, the association assures consumers that they can store cut onions in their refrigerators for up to a week and use them.

Needless to say, there are no scientific studies to back the claim that onions absorb bacteria and thereby cure fever and cold. According to a Wall Street Journal report of 2009, cited by Snopes.com, “Biologists say it’s highly implausible that onions could attract flu virus as a bug zapper traps flies. Viruses require a living host to replicate and can’t propel themselves out of a body and across a room.”

However, the Wall Street Journal post confirms that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that onion extracts can provide relief in case of bronchitis, asthma, cold, and asthma. But there is no scientific study that confirms that cut onions can absorb disease curing germs, resulting in the patient getting cured.

Your Whatsapp or Facebook message on onions might have warned you not to give onions to your dog. No dog or cat in its right mind will eat onions, but pet owners must be aware that onions are bad for their pets. Click here to read the entire list of foods that shouldn’t be given to pets.


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