Fun in Kudla – Power Cut Day

Power cuts are part and parcel of life in Kudla, but they can turn your life topsy-turvy. Since I plan my working day in advance, a power cut can literally destroy everything, as it did today. When Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (MESCOM) cut the power supply at exactly 9:30 a.m. today, I just did not know what to do. Obviously, I could not write the eight articles I had planned to write today.


It meant that I had to make fresh plans, and I was just not in the mood for that. All I wanted to do was write those eight articles so that I could turn them in on time and please the client.

So I spent the first few minutes cursing.

When that did not make me feel better, I glared at my smartphone. “You are not that smart these days, are you?” I thought, looking at it grimly.

I then tried to complete the level of Candy Crush I had been trying to complete for the past three weeks. When I ran out of lives and still could not complete the level, I felt really miserable.

I then mentally made a list of things I could do and cancelled them off almost immediately.

  1. Whatsapp – After skimming through the messages, I put down the phone wearily. I had fallen out of love with Whatsapp a long back.
  2. Facebook – I cannot tolerate more than 15 minutes of Facebook at a time.
  3. Cleaning the house – No, I did not want to clean the house. I just wanted to write those articles.

I finally got out the laptop only to give up half an hour later. I do not like working on laptops. Yes, I used to love laptops once upon a time just like I used to love Whatsapp. But now, I just cannot stand laptops. I wanted to write those eight articles on my desktop, but couldn’t do a thing because of this wretched power cut.

I then got the bright idea of declaring a holiday for myself. “What about going to sleep?” I thought and was simply delighted with the idea. I had gone to bed late last night and was finding it difficult to keep my eyes open.

However, before going to bed, I decided to call MESCOM and ask them how long the power cut (my holiday) was going to last. A voice at the other end of the line informed me that something was wrong with the line and that it was now under repair. I felt that there was only one thing I could do under the circumstances—go to sleep. And sleep I did till my smartphone woke me up. I spent the next forty minutes discussing schools and sons with the Mom who had called me up. After all, it was a “holiday.”

My “holiday” lasted till 6:00 p.m. today. By that time, I had brought the little boy back from school, drawn water from the well as we couldn’t run the water pump, washed a mountain of dishes, made pizza, and taken the little boy out for cycling. Oh yes, I had another go at Candy Crush, but still did not complete that maddening level.

MESCOM cut the power supply again at 7:00 p.m. When I called to complain, they told me that “there was some problem” and that they are “working on it” and that “it would be late when the power could be restored again.”

Yes, power was restored again at around 9:00 p.m. and I could finally finish four of those eight articles.


Scary Cchyna Snarling in 2002 by Joshua S. Higgins – Wikimedia Commons – Public Domain


In Kudla, we cannot express our feelings about power cuts in English—it is too mild a language. I always say, “current melo,” which literally means “current died.” If I am in a very bad mood, I add the choice words “teen kasancho,” which literally means “worth three paisa.” And of course, you need to have an expression of disgust and anger on your face while uttering those words.


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