Depression – A Hell on Earth

Several years ago, I don’t quite remember the date, I wrote this poem on depression.


Although I no longer believe in a soul or a Maker today, I just decided to publish it unedited.

Why do I call depression “a hell on earth”? It’s because people with depression go through hell, hardly finding the love, support, and understanding they badly need.

No Light at the End of the Tunnel

It is just one long, dark tunnel, and people with depression trudge through it feeling hopeless, helpless, and lonely. They see no hope. Life is bleak and nothing they do can make things better.

Everything Is a Torture

They just cannot enjoy all those things that give joy to normal people—sex, social interactions, food, hobbies, and so on.

The Days Are either Too Long or Too Short

They sleep, sleep, and sleep and hope they would sleep to death and never wake up. Or they do not sleep because they just cannot sleep.

Life is Full of Rage and Tears

People having depression are angry, irritable, and sometimes violent people. Often, they find themselves fighting back tears.

Tired and Weary

They have absolutely no energy or too little of it. They take a long time to finish off simple tasks because they cannot focus. They feel heavy and sluggish. It is like a burden on their backs, a burden they just cannot let down.

No Place to Flee

They make desperate attempts to flee from their condition, but there is no place to run. They take refuge in drugs, alcohol, and gambling. They drive recklessly and purposely place themselves in life-threatening situations, hoping that it would kill them and relieve them from their misery.

Life is a Pain

It truly is. They suffer from all sorts of physical aches and pains such as headaches, stomach aches, backaches, and so on.

The Inhabitants of Hell are Unworthy

How they hate themselves! They criticize themselves fiercely, blame themselves, and feel guilty for their very existence. Since they have no self-esteem, they feel that they are worthless and do not deserve any of the good things of life. They wish they were dead and some of them do end up killing themselves.

Where Did I Put My Keys????

It’s not just keys, they find it very difficult to remember things, concentrate, make decisions, and get things done.

If a person with depression isn’t delivered from this hell, he/she may commit suicide.

Most of the time, people with depression do not want to live or die. They spend hours thinking of ways to end it all.

The intense suffering of depression can either kill you or make you a tougher and stronger individual.

Are you depressed? If so, please see a doctor. Do not hesitate to take help. Know that you are not alone.

Do you know someone having depression? Be kind, gentle, loving, understanding, and supportive. Understand that he/she did not choose to be depressed. He/she does not want to be depressed. He/she does not deserve it. He/she has not got depression on purpose. He/she is just ill and wants your love and support.

If this has got you thinking, check out these sources.

Personal Note

I would like to dedicate a section of my blog to posts on depression. The idea is to create awareness of depression, which literally ruins millions of lives around the globe. My plan is to post a series of informative articles on depression not just to create awareness, but also to reach out to its victims.

This, by no means, was supposed to be the first post in the series. The first post, which is both personal and informative in nature, is begging attention on my hard disk. Although I scribbled it this morning, I am unable to publish it right now simply because it has upset me too much. It may never see the light of day.


I am NOT a doctor. I am simply a victim of depression reaching out to other victims and attempting to create awareness. Please be aware that depression is a serious condition. If you feel that you have depression, please get help as early as possible.



10 thoughts on “Depression – A Hell on Earth

  1. Hell is right. In fact no, I’d rather be in hell.
    I am writing this from my bed, which is where I have spent almost the entire week.
    Good to see that you understand. I just wish others did, too. “Just cheer up”, “just get up”: I wish I could.

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  2. It is hell on earth…but despite all the doubts…there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and when you reach it, you’re so thrilled you have no words to express your happiness.

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  3. Sonia it felt as if u described just what i had been through couple of years ago… i like ur idea of creating awareness for depression.. i am working on a writeup that pushed me there but i dont know if i will ever publish it the reason being the same like urs.. it just upsets me alot!

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  4. very good post Sonia,the poem eloquently describes the condition and I empathise with what you say afterwards.
    Meditation and mindfulness are important steps for living in the benign and perfect moment which is NOW and thus shutting out the monsters from the past and the fearful images we create about the future.
    Sending you a big hug,

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