Weekly Photo Challenge – From Darkness to Light

This bunch of photos, posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge, clearly depict my state of mind.

In fact, they depict my state of mind of the past several years.

One of my biggest aims in life is to achieve complete control over my thoughts. I do not want my thought patterns to rule my life. Instead, I would like to be the boss.

For several years, I longed for the “mental sharpness and alertness” that eluded me because of depression. Although I have now almost “snapped out of it” and enjoy a lot more of the desired “mental sharpness and alertness,” the darkness sometimes descends, a darkness that is something like this cave in Pilikula Zoo.

When we last visited Pilikula Zoo, we walked and walked till we were ready to drop and then came upon this cave. And of course, I couldn’t leave the place without taking a picture.



The cave at Pilikula Zoo

I would also like to stop being inactive and sedentary like this. This porcupine here might be just having a nap, but he sure depicts the state of mind I would like to “snap out of.”


The porcupine

The aim is to achieve a state of mind that is something like these two pictures—vibrant, beautiful, happy, at ease with self and the world, totally living in the present and least bothered about the past and the future, sharp, alert, serene, active, and peaceful.


My favorite picture – the evening sun peeping through the trees at Pilikula Lake


A click of flowers at Kadri Park Mangaluru – I did not find their name, but it could be Tabebuia chrysantha

I am in no hurry to achieve my desired state of mind.

The journey towards a goal is sometimes more fun than the actual achieving of that goal.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – From Darkness to Light

  1. Glad you are coming from darkness into light. And more than trying to control our thoughts, which is impossible, I learned through meditation to allow them to come and go without attachment and focus again on the here and now which is always a good place to be in.
    I find it’s important to be lazy and inactive, it’s there and then that we process things, regenerate ourselves and gather strength for the next bit.
    have a good week,

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  2. You express yourself beautifully in these thoughts and images. I am especially appreciative of the fact that you are determined to embark on this journey… and also that you are looking forward to the enjoyment of the journey itself. Powerful stuff Sonia!

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