Weekly Photo Challenge: The Ideal Pair

Two of the dictionary meanings of the word “harmony” are “compatibility in opinion and action” and “agreement of opinion.” I was forced to check the meaning of this word because of this week’s photo challenge – Harmony.

I went through my ever-growing pile of photos and couldn’t, for the life of me, find one to suit this theme.

And then, finally, I found this one.


The little green bottle on the giant pine tree!

Those who know me well will recognize this tree as I have posted a picture of him here.

Those two hardly have anything in common, yet they fit together so well. They look so cozy together, like a couple that has tolerated each other for decades and cannot imagine life without each other. Even the white board bearing the name of the tree doesn’t fit in as well as that little green bottle does. In fact, I almost feel like throwing that white thing away.

I wouldn’t call it love as I have several issues with the word, but I definitely have no problems calling it “harmony.”

Of course, it could be my wild imagination, but that’s what I felt when I saw those two together.


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