Easter Lilies in My Garden

These beautiful flowers bring us cheer. All they need is a little water and sunshine and they bloom in all their glory. When I captured their beauty in my camera, I did not know their name. I had to take the help of Google for that.


Meet the Hippeastrum puniceum!


Needless to say, you do not have to learn that complicated name. You can just call them lilies though they are not really lilies. Some people call them amaryllis, but they are not amaryllis either.

This lovely flower is a native of South America, according to Wikipedia. But I guess the plant does not know that or else it wouldn’t have grown in my humble garden in Mangalore.

People usually call it the Easter Lily, the Barbados Lily, the Cacao Lily, and the Amaryllis Lily.



They are very easy to grow in the garden. The bulbs stay alive in the soil till someone sprinkles water on them. And that is all they need to fill your garden with color—a bit of water and sunshine.


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