The Joys of Reading – Some Beautiful Reading Quotes

I created the following video ages ago using Windows Movie Maker and Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It took a hell of a long time to get the pictures, find the quotes, and put them together to create a video. Some of these pictures are mine and some are from the public domain.

I don’t even remember how I did it now. I don’t even remember why I did it. I have some vague memory of writing an article on reading and thinking that a video would look nice with it. It was a project half done and then completely forgotten. So I thought I would just post it here. After the quotes are really nice and the music is soothing.

Do relax and enjoy.

Have you ever started a project only to forget all about it?


11 thoughts on “The Joys of Reading – Some Beautiful Reading Quotes

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  2. I like the quote which says “classics are the books which people praise and don’t read”. Thank God, now I know there are others too who can’t finish a classic book!
    I have tried so many times to read some highly praised books but some how couldn’t encourage myself in reading more than 10-15 pages

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