Mahatma Gandhi Park in Gandhinagar

The Mahatma Gandhi Park along Gandhinagar Road, close to Mannagudda, is one of the best places in Mangalore for people of all age groups. The elderly sit on the park’s comfortable benches and relax in the midst of trees, flowering bushes, little ponds, and fountains. The fitness freaks jog along the paths, burning those unwanted calories. And the children have the time of their lives in the play areas.


The Fountain

Not much is known about the origin and history of this park, but the Gandhinagar Park Trust takes care of it and maintains it. A green haven right in the heart of the city, it attracts mostly people who reside in apartments within city limits.

Visit the park in the evenings if you want to socialize. You will not find it difficult to strike up a long conversation with a total stranger in this park. Someone will always want to talk to you. I once enjoyed a long conversation with an elderly man, who looked really disappointed when I informed him that it was time for me to leave.


A few hours before sunset

If you bring your children, don’t be surprised if they appear reluctant to leave. Children prefer to play till they can no longer see their friends’ faces and one can’t blame them as the park has separate play areas for different age groups.


The elephant on the kids’ favorite elephant slide

If you are a parent of adventurous kids, don’t forget to take your children to the ropeway and the airplane, which are at the other end of the park, away from the main play areas. You don’t want them to miss the fun of climbing the tree, getting on the ropeway, walking across it, and then climbing down the ladder at the other end of it.

However, beware of the ants and honey bees. There are plenty of these creatures around and you can easily get bitten or stung by one of them.


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