Saraswati Learns Scooter Riding – Part I

Rajesh didn’t care what his wife did. She was a free bird just as he was a free bird. But when she started talking about learning how to ride a scooter, he felt that he must put his foot down.

“No,” he said.

Saraswati was amazed. “But I did not ask for your permission,” she reminded him. “I simply told you that I want to go for scooter riding classes.”

“I won’t give you the money,” he said.

“I have enough of my mine,” she retorted.

Rajesh was deeply interested in money. “You found a job?” he asked.

“No,” she said, infuriated. “But I have saved enough from the housekeeping money.”

“Oh I see,” he said. “So you poison me with substandard food and save money for unnecessary things. Wow, what a wife! No wonder I have ulcers.”

“You don’t have ulcers,” she retorted. “You look as fit as a fiddle. And I don’t buy substandard food. And I am going to learn how to ride the scooter.”

“No, you aren’t,” he said.

“What?” she screamed in agony. “What is your problem?”

“I said no and I mean no,” said Raj, sounding like her father. “You can’t learn riding. You will either fall or run over someone. Our roads are dangerous. If you want to go somewhere, you can always grab an auto. Or you can tell me to take you wherever you want to go.”

“Raj, you are not my father,” she reminded him.

“No, but I am ten years older than you,” he said. “Besides, I am your husband. And in India, husbands are gods. So you ought to shut up and obey me. After all, I am your lord and master.”

Raj neatly caught the apple his furious wife flung at his head and ran out of the house. He wouldn’t have minded playing a game of catch with his angry wife, but it was time to go to office. Unfortunately for Raj, he worked for his father and his father boss blew a fuse whenever he turned up late for work.

To be continued …

Read my first Rajesh and Saraswati story here.


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