The Mysterious Tomorrow

Dearest Younger Self,

I am deeply concerned about that woebegone look on your face. When you adamantly state that you are the most unfortunate person on earth, you are actually digging your own grave. I am worried when I see you sulk and state that you have lost all hopes. You argue that the situation is hopeless and that the future has nothing to offer you.

20160403_091732You are dead wrong! Your thoughts are illogical and inaccurate. Let’s look at cold hard facts. You live in a beautiful house with seven rooms and you have a room of your own. You have plenty of free time to watch your favorite movies and serials. Since you are a free bird, you have nothing to worry about, no heavy responsibilities to shoulder. You have absolutely no problems. Few people are as lucky as you.

I don’t mean to hurt you. I don’t mean to say that you are an ungrateful wretch. I understand that you are hurt, bewildered, and unhappy. The disgusting ways of some people, their insensitive words, and their harsh criticism have depressed you. But you just cannot make that an excuse to say that you have lost all hopes and that the future has nothing to offer you.

The simple truth is that hope never dies. It is the fire that fuels us, the powerful force that pushes us towards our goals and towards better times. Your hopes are not dead. Your ability to hope has diminished. How can you say that you have no hopes of a better future? Can you predict the future? Tomorrows are beautiful and mysterious, like unopened gifts. You just don’t know what they might hold.

Do yourself a favor and quit declaring that the situation is hopeless. There is hope, so keep hoping for the best.

Your Older and Wiser Version (OWV)

Written in response to the daily prompt at The Daily Post – Hope


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