The People in Your Life

Dearest Younger Self,

You have been coming across people of diverse natures and behavior patterns throughout your life. Now that The Daily Post has given me an opportunity, I can roughly categorize all those people as follows—the blind, the know all, the critic, the protector, and the jealous pig. So let us analyze each category carefully.

All Those People!

The Blind – These weird creatures can see and interact only with a select few in their lives. You do remember some of your classmates, don’t you? The poor things had just one or two friends, and if their friends were absent for a day, they were as dejected as wet hens because they simply couldn’t see the other children in the class, let alone interact with them.

The Know All – These people know everything about your life, even those things you don’t know. Don’t you just admire them? You can learn a lot about yourself from them.

The Critic – Isn’t your family overpopulated with critics? They know exactly what’s wrong with you, right? According to them, you are nature’s one big goof-up, something that ought to be shot right away to prevent embarrassment for the better creatures. Quite unpleasant, weren’t they?

The Protector – You loved your protectors, didn’t you? Somehow, they were aware that a weakling like you needed protection. So they guided you, dosed you, advised you, kept bullies away from you, acted as your legal representatives when you got into trouble with your critics, and did a dozen little nice things for you.

The Jealous Pigs – These people were your sweet little friends, the ones who ate lunch with you, sat next to you, played with you, and simply couldn’t tolerate the fact that you scored higher than them. Do you remember the kick one of them administered to your butt when you bent down to pick a book? When you reacted by pinching her cheeks, she complained to the teacher that you assaulted her for no reason. The teacher jumped to the conclusion that you were a monster and simply refused to hear your version of the story. Quite an experience, wasn’t it?

Neither Good Nor Bad

Back in those days, you made the major mistake of categorizing people into “good” and “bad.” You avoided the “bad” eggs and associated only with the “good” ones. Sooner or later, you realized that the “good” eggs weren’t really as “good” as you thought they were. They were capable of such nastiness that you didn’t even know existed. And then you went into depression for days.

I am happy to say that I do not make that mistake. You see, people are neither good nor bad. They are just people with diverse experiences, opinions, habits, behaviorisms, and mannerisms. As far as I am concerned, people are people. I take my own sweet time to study them and understand them. I enjoy conversing with diverse personalities, ranging from little kids to old people. They all have something interesting to contribute to my life. They make my life colorful, cheerful, and exciting.

The Ideal Friend?

You also made the mistake of searching for the “ideal friend.” Ideals exist only in books, not in reality. And anyway, why you wanted to have one ideal friend when you could have had many interesting friends beats me.

Consider yourself lucky that you never found that “ideal friend.” Then you would have been like one of your “blind” classmates. You would have had eyes only for that person and given your all to him or her, totally forgetting that you live in a world that is rich, multicultural, and diverse, with so much to offer. If you had found that “ideal friend,” your life would have been boring and mediocre.

You are one of the luckiest people in the world because you have seen, known, and interacted with diverse people and this has enriched your life in ways unimaginable.

Your Older and Wiser Version (OWV)


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