What I Think Animals Think – Weekly Photo Challenge

Animals may not speak human languages, but they sure have their own way of communicating. I am not alluding to animal sounds here, but their facial expressions. Have you ever looked into an animal’s face and got this uncanny feeling that you know exactly what it is thinking?

This dog at Lobo’s River View seemed surprised when I approached him and said, “Photograph please.” He stopped short and let me take as many photos as I wished but, for some reason, he did not agree to a selfie.

See his face. He appears to be saying, “Hey, I am not used to all this fuss. People hardly notice me, and this is the first time I have met someone who is actually crazy enough to want to take a photo of me.”


Now look at this photo. He seems to be saying. “I wish you would hurry up. And don’t publish these photos, please. I am the shy type. I hate publicity.”


Of course, the dog may be just being a dog and I am being plain crazy putting my thoughts into his canine head. But I do have this crazy habit of trying to read an animal’s mind by looking at his/her face, and somehow, I feel I am right.


3 thoughts on “What I Think Animals Think – Weekly Photo Challenge

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