The Weighing Machine

The Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day I 

I wrote this poem several years ago, when I was in the habit of eating at the Court Canteen on Light House Hill Road, Mangalore. These words were inspired by the weighing machine in the canteen. 


20160511_175122Whenever I enter

That sweet heaven of smells

Of fried, seasoned and boiled

I see thee

Where you ought not to be-

Serene and silent

Challenging me

To spend a rupee

To know the worst that can be.


I instead admire the laughing Buddha-

The picture of whom someone funny

Has stuck on your flat body-

With his huge belly and eternal laugh,

A sign of auspicious prosperity;

The only Man of Weight

Who dares sit eternally on thee!


Oh, who placed thee here?

To remind us as we eat

Of Doctor’s proscription

Of fat and fried food?

Of friends and relatives sneers

At our bulging figures?

With each morsel we receive

You lower us into guilt.


I gaze on thee, fascinated

After my snacks and tea-

The slit on your top

Hungrier than me

To receive my hard earned rupee;

The table of heights and weights

Tells me what I ought to be

And instills a sense of cold despair

That this I can never be

No, I want not that knowledge

Of my rising weight!

Besides, something tells me

That fat is also beauty

And ignorance is bliss.

So, I cast a last glance

And turn my back on thee!





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