This is Fun – Weekly Photo Challenge

The Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day 3

This week’s theme is “Jubilant” and I am feeling really jubilant as I have just the pictures for it. So here goes!

Picture #1: Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, Kudroli

This is a Mangalore Dassara 2015 scene. Don’t you feel all bright and cheerful when you see this photo?


Picture #2: Kodial Theru 2016

Now this is real fun, a splash of colors and water …


Picture #3: Mosaru Kudike

The fun has not yet started here, but it will soon. Young men will start building human pyramids, break those pots, and throw the goodies within to the people gathered there.


Picture #4: Mosaru Kudike Scene (2015) near Mangalore Dairy

The human pyramid …




4 thoughts on “This is Fun – Weekly Photo Challenge

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