Pepsi/Coke and Mentos – Is It a Killer Combination?

Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day 6

I recently spotted a message on Facebook urging people to never ever have Pepsi/Coke and mentos together. The message warned readers that the mixture would turn into cyanide in their stomach and instantly kill them. Scary, isn’t it?

Coke and Mento Hoax

Message received on Facebook

I have been getting Pepsi/Coke combination will kill you or cause your guts to burst messages for the past several years. In my gullible youth (not that I am old now), I actually believed them and feared the Pepsi/Coke and mentos duo. One of those messages, which were sent as email forwards in those days, warned that the combination had actually killed children in some country. The name of the country and the details about the victims, of course, changed from one email forward to the other.

Will you really die if you have Pepsi/Coke with mentos?

Relax! People do not die that easily. You can eat as many mentos as you like and down them with as many bottles of Pepsi/Coke as your system can handle, but you won’t die. You will simply stay put on good old earth and either puke the stuff out (yuck) or let out a giant burp that will make people flee from you in horror (ugh). If you don’t believe me, you can watch this guy.

So what does good old science say?

Good old science says that it is just a physical reaction, not a chemical one.

If you put any carbonated drink or soft drink, as we Kudlites prefer to call it, with mentos, the carbonated drink will become fizzier than ever. In fact, it will become so fizzy that it will either spill out of the bottle or shoot up into the air.

Why do carbonated drinks behave in this manner when they come in contact with mentos?

Mentos have a mint flavor that generates foam. The surface of a mento has several pores that allow carbon dioxide to escape from the carbonated drink. When you put Pepsi/Coke with mentos, it increases the surface tension of the drink, releases carbon dioxide, and causes that explosion like reaction. I repeat that it is purely a physical reaction, not a chemical one.

So there is no question of Pepsi/Coke combining with mentos to create cyanide, which causes instant death.

You might have noticed that the Facebook message mentions Polo mouth freshener. You will get similar results if you put polo inside a bottle of Coke/Pepsi. The drink just turns fizzier and gushes out of the bottle. 


DO NOT experiment by taking mentos and Pepsi/Coke together. Although it won’t kill you, it can hurt your digestive system and cause you great distress. So please DO NOT HAVE MENTOS AND PEPSI/COKE TOGETHER.


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