Does the Sun’s Music Resemble “Om”?

PicsArt_1447687415039A few months back, someone sent me a recording titled “Voice of the Sun” on Whatsapp. I was puzzled because the “voice of the sun” actually sounded like the voice of a human chanting “Om.” It sure sounded like a fake. I cannot post it here because I have lost it.

According to a definition I found on Google, Om is “a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, prayers, and texts.” It is considered to be a combination of three sounds – a, u, and m, symbolizing the three main deities of the Hindu pantheon. Needless to say, I immediately wanted to know if the sun’s sound really resembles “Om.”

According to Abhijeet Rathore, who has worked as a structural engineer in ISRO and has answered over sixty questions in the category Space Exploration on Quora, “NASA has not actually recorded the sun’s voice or sound.”

In fact, NASA has captured certain vibrations in the coronal loops of the sun, which vibrate longitudinally as well as transversely. NASA captured these vibrations as satellite images and videos and then turned the visuals into sound vibrations. Next, they speeded up the frequency by maybe thousands of times to make it audible to human ears.

Listen to the voice of the sun.

Of course, one cannot deny that the first of those sounds are “Om – y,” but then there are a number of other sounds too. I guess that religious people conveniently forgot the other sounds and jumped to the conclusion that the sun says “Om” all the time.

We should also take into consideration the following facts.

  • These are actually visual vibrations that have been turned into sound.
  • Scientists have speeded up the frequency of those vibrations.
  • The sun is the home of several phenomena, coronal discharge being only one of them.

In addition, Voyager I has captured certain sounds in interstellar space. You can listen to them here.


If you listen with religious ears and extract only the first sound in the series of the sounds that the sun makes, the sun’s music might sound like “Om.” However, if you remove your religious earplugs, you have got to admit that the sun has a lot more to say and most of it does not sound like “Om.”


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