Have a cup of jackfruit seed coffee

Can roasted and powdered jackfruit seeds really taste like coffee? Those who tasted the beverage at the Jackfruit Festival organized by the Savayava Krishi Grahakara Balaga in Kudla on July 3, Sunday definitely appeared to be pleased with it.

According to Deepthi Sanjiv’s articles on the Bangalore Mirror, researchers all over the world are conducting studies on producing coffee from roasted jackfruit seeds. Shree Padre, the editor of Adike Patrike, shared the information on his Facebook timeline a few months back, arousing the interest of several local jackfruit enthusiasts. The information was then shared and discussed on Whatsapp groups of farmers and manufacturers of food products. Soon, local entrepreneurs started experimenting with various ways of producing coffee from jackfruit seeds.


Jacoffee was first introduced at a two-day national seminar titled “Management of Jack Under Adverse Climatic Condition, Value Addition and Marketing” held in April 2016 by the University of Horticulture, Tamaka in Kolar.

According to Shree Padre, Jacoffee has a distinct aroma. As it does not contain caffeine, it helps those suffering from constipation. Speaking about the various experiments being conducted on jackfruit seed coffee all over the world, he said that it has the potential of becoming a “good industrial product.”

Shivanna’s jackfruit seed coffee

Shivanna of Parivarthana, an NGO in Chikkamagaluru, is one of those who have experimented with jackfruit seed coffee. He was present at the Jackfruit Festival held in Kudla on Sunday.

Shivanna, who has sent samples of his product to Central Food Technological Research Institute in Mysuru for analyzing its fat, carbohydrate, fibre, and calorie contents, said that a spoon of it can be used to make three cups of “health drink.” He said: “My product is very near to coffee; it can become a substitute for coffee. You can drink this product like you drink coffee by making its decoction.”

Jaffe – Archeez Kitchen’s version of jackfruit seed coffee

Meanwhile, Maithraye Shenoy of Archeez Kitchen in Pandeshwar has created her own version of jackfruit seed coffee and called the product “Jaffe.” She says that she developed it after researching it for two months. She told Deepthi Sanjeev of Bangalore Mirror that she collected jackfruit seeds from those who made jackfruit papads and dried, powdered, and roasted them to make Jaffe. She officially launched her new product at the Jackfruit Festival.

Shenoy says that a teaspoon of Jaffe should be added to a cup of milk and boiled to prepare a cup of jackfruit seed coffee. Those who wish can also add some sugar to taste.

Jackfruit seed powder

Artocarpus Foods Pvt. Ltd. at Taliparamb near Kannur has already started marketing jackfruit seed powder, a gluten-free substitute for wheat flour. One can use it to make cakes, dosas, chapathis, and bread.

Shree Padre is highly optimistic about the export potential of jack products. Urging people not to throw away jackfruit seeds, he says that jackfruit will be India’s greatest export product in the next decade.



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