Jackfruit Festival at Pilikula Nisargadhama

The Jackfruit Festival (Halasu Habba) organized by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, the Dakshina Kannada (DK) district administration, Pilikula Nisargadhama, and the departments of Agriculture and Horticulture on July 16 – 17 at Pilikula Nisargadhama was a grand success. It presented a second opportunity to sample jackfruit delicacies for people who had missed a similar event held in Kudla on July 3, Sunday. The purpose of the event was to promote jackfruits, which have great nutritional value.

Different varieties of jackfruits

According to Mangalore Today, jackfruit sellers from Doddaballapura and Tumakuru had sold more than 60 jackfruits by the afternoon of July 16. The sellers opined that the demand was high for rare varieties such as Chandra Halasu although the local varieties also sold well. A seller from Vamanjoor, who was selling the local variety for Rs. 150 per jackfruit, said that he sold 15 jackfruits in less than two hours.

The Jackfruit Festival was also a great opportunity to get acquainted with rare varieties of jackfruits such as Shivarathri Halasu, Chandra Halasu, and Rudrakshi Halasu. Farmers and local gardeners were spotted purchasing jackfruit saplings at the venue.



Jackfruit delicacies galore

People got the opportunity to taste various dishes made from jackfruits. The festival featured delicacies such as jackfruit kesari baath, jackfruit happala, jackfruit masala dosa, jackfruit Manchurian, jackfruit halwa, jackfruit seed barfi, jackfruit laddo, jackfruit payasa, jackfruit chips, jackfruit fritters, jackfruit ice cream, jackfruit seed powder, jackfruit dal, and much more. One of the highlights of the event was Jaffe, a coffee-like beverage made out of dried, roasted, and powdered jackfruit seeds.

Our Experiences

Shortly after we got to the venue on the evening of July 16, we realized that there was so much to see, taste, and experience although the venue was small. Stalls were surrounded by crowds of people, purchasing a wide range of jackfruit products, including ripe jackfruits. In spite of the rush, the sellers were friendly and eager to communicate. The general atmosphere at the Jackfruit Festival was friendly and relaxing and loaded with the delicious aroma of jackfruit fritters frying in pure coconut oil and the rich sweet smell of ripe jackfruits.



Here are some of the delicacies we popped into our mouths:

Jackfruit Fritters: Two varieties of jackfruit fritters were being sold, and the ones we tasted were the salted jackfruit fritters. The salted jackfruit bulbs were first heavily coated in a spicy flour mix and then rolled in semolina before being dropped in hot oil. These were lip-smacking delicious.

Jaffe: Jaffe is caffeine-free jackfruit seed coffee, promising to become our number one export item. Jaffe is made out of dried, roasted, and pounded jackfruit seeds. The resulting powder is then used to make coffee. When we took our first sip of Jaffe, we felt that it was too bitter. A few more sips later, we had to admit that it was like coffee. When we emptied the cup, we decided that all it needed was a little more sugar.

Jackfruit Ice-cream: “We boil ripe jackfruit bulbs, mash them, and then make ice cream. We make this ice cream on our own,” said the guy who was selling jackfruit ice cream. “How was it?” he asked eagerly when we finished our scoops and paid him. “Delicious!” we replied.

Jackfruit Manchurian: Just use raw jackfruit bulbs instead of cauliflower to make this Manchurian. It is indeed finger-licking good and delicious.

If the intention of the organizers was to promote jackfruit and jackfruit products, they definitely succeeded. The Jackfruit Festival was a huge success, proving beyond doubts that people are more than willing to purchase jackfruit products.

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