Exercising after a Break

running-coupleI had taken a really long break from regular exercises. Of course, I never had a tough workout plan, but at least, I did some swimming, a bit of jogging, lots of walking, and some simple exercises at home. These workouts kept me fit and strong and prevented me from looking like a pudding. I also went to the gym for a month or two but walked out of it because I just couldn’t stand it.

Recently, I realized that I was getting a bit fat. Not that I mind getting fat, but I was feeling tired and irritable too. “It’s time to start burning those calories,” I told myself sternly. The inner battle continued for two more months till I sadly decided that I must get off my ass and do some exercises.

I had downloaded a video for the little scribble. It is a kids’ workout video, and whenever the little scribble is in the mood, he gets in front of it and does those exercises. Since the exercises looked quite easy, I decided I would start with those. After all, it is just a 20-minute workout as you can see in the video.

Five minutes into the workout and I had collapsed onto the sofa, gasping for breath, and hugging a bottle of water to my chest. I did try again after a break, but couldn’t last more than five minutes. Oozing sweat from every pore, I tottered into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

The next day I was down with aches and pains all over my body. I haven’t tried doing those exercises since, but I am quite determined to have another go. I just cannot let a simple workout video like that beat me, can I?

The best thing that came out of the experience was an article on how to start exercising after a break. It is not as simple as I thought, and one needs to go slow at first. In fact, you need to keep three points in mind before you start exercising after a break.

  • Visit a doctor if you have health issues.
  • Go slow and be kind to your body.
  • And don’t ever take a break from exercises again. It’s not worth it!



3 thoughts on “Exercising after a Break

  1. Something similar happened to me — I stopped working out and started gaining weight. When I started feeling tired all the time, I knew I had to change something. I’ve been running a lot, but I’m looking for a change, and I never thought to check Youtube for workout videos. Thanks for opening my eyes!

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    • I am really happy my article was of some use to you. YouTube is a storehouse of awesome workout videos. Good for people like me who like working out in a group, but don’t want to go to the gym. 🙂

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