Splashing around Loving Kindness (Metta)

ParakeetsI was unable to write anything for a few days because of severe headache and eyestrain. It sure looks like I have been making the computer the center of my life for the past few months. Having been forced to stay away from my desktop for a few days, I realized that I can survive without it (just for a few days, of course) especially if I have the company of my smartphone. I had a good time completing a few levels of Candy Crush Saga, checking out photos on Facebook, and trying to drive people crazy on Whatsapp. And that’s how I stumbled on Metta.

I am always interested in new ideas or concepts, irrespective of whether they are spiritual or religious. Since I am an atheist, Metta meditation just amused me, but a spiritual or religious person may find it meaningful. Putting it down very simply, Metta means love, kindness, friendship, goodwill, benevolence, and the rest of the kind. It is “loving-kindness” meditation, during which you have to just relax with your eyes closed and direct good wishes towards others. You can also send some Metta to yourself.

When I was the religious – spiritual kind, I used to meditate a lot. Today, I just cannot do it. I guess I have just changed irreversibly, meaning that I can’t go back to being what I once was. But I see no harm in playing around with Metta. I plan to make a list of three or four people I would like to tear apart with my bare hands, relax with my eyes closed, and send them some good wishes. I just hope those good wishes won’t bring them back into my life. 🙂


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