Fresh Original Content

content-is-king-1132257_640I just did what most writers who are too tired to write anything but must write something to keep their blogs going do. I searched around for a prompt and found one that did not make much sense to me—“original.” And now I am stuck with the tougher task of making sense out of something that makes no sense to me.

Fresh, original content! That’s what all website owners incapable of creating content on their own demand. Fresh, original content! And I have been creating fresh, original content for the past several years. In fact, I am now an expert in creating fresh, original content. This simply means that I can take words that have been puked out by zillions of writers for the past zillions of years and create something fresh and new out of them.

So what is my definition of the word “original”? Since I am not in the mood to argue, I prefer to agree with the dictionary. So according to the dictionary, original means the following:

  • Worth copying
  • Not copied from an existing work
  • One of kind
  • Something not thought of before
  • First of its kind to be created

In spite of being a “creator of fresh, original content,” I don’t see much originality around me. Although I can present things as “original,” I see a sameness that numbs my senses.

I guess I am just not in the mood. I guess the simple task of creating this scribble is too much for me. The simple truth is that I simply cannot handle stress. I have just been through a mini-hell and need a few more days to gather my strength. I need time to once again see freshness, originality, and newness in sameness.



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