How to Be Productive at Work – Use Productivity Owl

owlIf you are anything like me, you have a big problem with self-control. You have this habit of reading anything and everything that catches your eyeballs. If you read anything interesting, you waste a lot of time thinking about it, smiling to yourself, and sharing it on social networking sites. You love social networking sites and hardly notice the hours fly past your ears as you read status after status, open link after link, like comment after comment, and respond to anything that makes you smile or think. At the end of the day, it strikes you that you haven’t done much work.

If you are anything like me, you need the Productivity Owl. Perhaps you don’t have a boss who breathes fire down your neck and explodes whenever you request a deadline extension. The stern Productivity Owl is better than a fire-breathing boss. He sees to it that you do your work. In fact, he was watching me all day today, forcing me to keep my paws off Facebook. As a result, I actually managed to write a few articles today.

So let me get to the point and introduce you to the Productivity Owl.

The Productivity Owl is a Chrome extension that literally forces you to be productive at work.



Once you download the Productivity Owl, he will follow you around. If you visit any page, you will see him at the bottom right hand of the page, perched on a branch and watching you. He won’t allow you to stay on a page for more than a predetermined number of seconds. Once your time is up, the owl will fly off the branch and close the page. This teaches you to get the information you need REALLY FAST and then just get back to work.

So how do you use the Productivity Owl?

Schedule Free Time – You can easily schedule free time so that you can read Facebook statuses and browse the web to your heart’s content when you are really free and not during work hours.

Block Websites – Simply block websites where you waste your time. The owl won’t allow you to visit the site.

For example, I blocked Facebook and this is what I get if I visit Facebook during working hours.


And the owl doesn’t make any exceptions either. If you hit on the Make an Exception option, this is what you will get.


Save for Later – As I previously said, the owl will allow you to view a website only for the predetermined number of seconds. At the end of that time, the owl will simply fly off his branch and close the tab. Now this may annoy you intensely, especially if you haven’t got the information you need. In this case, you can simply save the page and return to it later. You will find the Save the Page option at the bottom of the page, near the owl.

Earn Respect – It is very difficult to earn the owl’s respect. The owl is “skeptical of your commitment to being productive.” So you must do the following:

  • Set your plans and stick to them.
  • Avoid changing your free time schedule again and again. And don’t give yourself too much free time.
  • Don’t uninstall or disable Productivity Owl.

Believe me you will love that owl even if you feel that the owl doesn’t love you back!!


5 thoughts on “How to Be Productive at Work – Use Productivity Owl

  1. I haven’t used this specific extension but something similar and love the concept! With today’s technology, we are bogged down by notifications, pop ups, and instant gratification websites (Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, etc.) that make it difficult to concentrate for any period of time. For the extension I used, I set it to pop up with an inspirational message every time I tried to navigate to one of my blocked sites. Very cool!
    Have you used anything similar on your cell phone? I found that I tended to find a way around my “block” when I used my Chrome extension.

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