I Hate the Internet!

internetRant Alert: The following is a rant. Don’t read it if you don’t like rants. 🙂

I hate the Internet!

Now I guess I should not be saying that because I make a living from the Internet. I write for a living, but some over smart, holier-than-thou people in my life just don’t get it. They believe that I actually do something illegal online because they simply do not understand how somebody can actually sit at home, in front of a computer and work for a living. So I guess many people around me have hilarious ideas of what I do for a living. The only people who understand are the ones who are in the same boat as me—other freelance writers working from home.

Since the Internet is my bread and butter, I should not be saying that I hate the Internet.

But that does not alter the fact that I do hate the Internet!

I would do anything to get away from technology and experience the real world. I have been a weirdo sitting in front of a computer, experimenting with blogs, websites, photo editing, gigs, freelance jobs, affiliate marketing, forum posting, and a variety of other things right from 2004.

But as much as I hate the Internet, it is still my best friend. When my baby cried incessantly during the nights, it was the Internet that I turned to, frantically googling terms such as “why babies cry” and “what to do when babies cry.” I have researched almost every child ailment online. I have read tons of parenting articles, trying to find solutions for my own parenting problems. A few days ago, you could have caught me typing the keywords “mobile phone addiction children” in the Google search bar. So yes, I have turned to the Internet for solutions to problems, information, and education. And the Internet has never let me down.

But I still hate the Internet because it is not genuine. If you think of the real world as a beautiful picture, the Internet is just a “copy of a copy of a copy” of that beautiful picture.

You may read tons of words online, but it is still not like reading a printed book.fake-1726362_960_720

You may interact with millions of online friends on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networking sites out there, but it still cannot beat the experience of being in the actual presence of real life friends.

Your vulnerability and weakness may force you to share your innermost secrets with online strangers posing as friends, but how do you know they actually believe you and understand you? They may be secretly laughing at your foolishness or showing your messages and pictures to their real life friends and having fun at your expense.

You may view pictures of all the beautiful sights around the world online, but it still does not give you the pleasure of actually visiting those places.

You may soak up a lot of information online, but there is still a whale of a difference between soaking it online and actually learning it from a teacher.

Playing at online casinos is not the same as playing at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Having digital money just doesn’t give you the feeling you get when you actually handle cold hard cash.

Never trust an online romance unless you are sure that the other person is not using you as a source of his/her entertainment.

Yes, I hate the Internet for its fakeness. I have been chained to the Internet for such a long time that I feel I have lost the real me. The Internet has killed me.

I long for the realities of life. I want to feel the warm rays of the sun on my cheeks. I want to let my feet soak in the waters of a bubbling stream and listen to the sweet songs of birds. I want to break free. I want to go away with backpack, camera, and a few books and see the real world, talk to real people, experience the real pains, and laugh the real laughter. I am sick of emojis, calls, posts, and messages.

Yes, I want something real! I am tired of the Internet!

I am waiting for the day I will finally be able to throw away my smartphone, laptop, and desktop forever.


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