Letter to an Internet Cheat

DemonloverDear man who is too scared to give me his phone number,

I do not know much about you, but I know enough to form an informed opinion about you.

Here is a list of points for you to ponder over for the rest of your life.

1. Female bloggers are not fools. But they can be temporarily deprived of their sanity and rationality by sweet words they have longed to hear all their lives.
2. A woman who is an active Facebook user is not a whore. So don’t expect her to jump into bed with you.
3. A single mother is not a whore. She is, in fact, one of the most stressed out and hard working people on earth. So, the next time you want free sex, don’t make the mistake of picking on a single mother. Even if you do make the mistake of picking on a single mother, be man enough to take “no” for an answer without abusing her.
4. An unwed mother is not a whore. She is just a woman who was brave enough to bring a baby into the world when her cowardly partner was not man enough to stand by her side and give her the support she needed.
5. All women are not after your money. Many of us are sole breadwinners of our families. So give us the respect we deserve.
6. You are not God’s gift to women. So stop thinking that they are all after you. It’s actually the other way round.
7. An unmarried adoptive mother is not a whore. She is one of the kindest and most loving people on earth. In fact, she loves her child just as much and maybe more than your respectable mother, sister, wife, and aunt love their biological children.
8. Learn to respect all sex workers. They are honest people working for their living. Most of them have been forced into prostitution by respectable people like you early in their lives. Many of them have children and aged parents to take care of. So the least you can do is respect them.
9. People tell lies for two reasons. First, they lie to protect themselves and their loved ones. Second, they lie to deliberately deceive others and play with their emotions. Before accusing others of telling lies, identify your own reasons for lying to others.
10. If you are a believer, you will believe that God has given you a mouth to speak and ears to hear. But remember that the same God who gave you mouth and ears has also given you eyes and legs. How do you explain your failure to use your god-given legs to travel a short distance to use your god-given eyes to see a person you professed great love for (a lie told to deceive)?
11. Abandoned children, orphaned children, and adopted children are all valuable human beings. Stop worrying about who their parents are. As long as you are not their father, you shouldn’t really bother. And even if you are their father, you needn’t bother because they don’t give a damn. They can live happily without you.
12. Using four letter words and sending porn videos to wives and girlfriends is not romantic. Just understand that the definition of the words “romance” and “love” vary from one individual to the other.
13. When someone tells you that he/she is facing a certain problem, don’t use the information to ridicule him/her. For example, if your wife or girlfriend tells you she has vaginismus, don’t make a stupid statement like “your vagina is useless and you can’t have sex.” Women with vaginismus can have great sex and give birth to children. Just get educated before you make a colossal ass of yourself on Whatsapp and FaceBook. The Internet is loaded with free and authentic information, so there is just no excuse for ignorance.
14. Divorced and separated women are not whores. They are just women who were brave enough to say “enough is enough” and walk out of a relationship that did not make them happy.
15. Women who got cheated by false lovers are not whores. The least you can do is stop rubbing the salt in their wounds with your insensitive words and remarks.
16. It’s not just women who like gifts on their birthdays and anniversaries. Men and children like gifts too. The mere fact that a person likes gifts doesn’t make him/her money-minded or materialistic.
17. You really don’t need to know how many times a woman has had sex and with whom before you get into a relationship with her. If you are worried about STD, stay single.
18. Before hunting for a new relationship, make sure that you are fully free from your old one.
19. If you must walk out of a person’s life, do it gracefully. Don’t hurl baseless accusations at the person and storm out.
20. Remember that people don’t really deserve the extra pain you intentionally or unintentionally bring into their lives.
21. The next time you are in the mood to play the fool with someone’s emotions online, read the above 20 points.

I am an Internet user you think you know, but don’t. I am a face you will never see. I am the mind you messed up for a temporary period of time. I am the one who had the finest feelings for you, a gift that you have lost forever. If you must give me a name, call me Brenda.


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