Letters to Saint Jorge: Remember This Song

purse-388998_960_720Dear St. Jorge,

You sit at your desk in your luxurious office, thinking of ways to make more money. And even as you try to figure out how to double your income so that you can build a house bigger than your brother’s, your tongue speaks of the goodness of god.

When you are not busy in church pretending to listen to sermons, you are in your office answering calls, arranging meetings with clients, and finalizing business deals. One can see your colorful photos on Facebook, wearing a freshly laundered suit, a smile on your lips, and a twinkle in your eyes, posing with your religious leaders. As you define yourself as a “man of God who is true at heart,” you refuse to admit even to yourself that money is the most important thing in your life.

And one fine day, as you sit at your desk mulling over ways to promote your latest products, you receive a call from a distraught girl who informs you that your brother is harassing her. Instead of expressing sympathy or promising to look into the matter, which a “man of God who is true at heart” ought to have done, you hem and haw and sing the following song.

Ah, I am busy!

I have money to make!

Someone’s run away with my cash,

Leaving behind an empty briefcase.

I have no time to talk to my brother,

I don’t know what he does or where he works.

Isn’t it your fault, girl, for going with him?

Shouldn’t you have used your head?

Now it’s between him and you!

And there’s nothing that I can do!

For I have to race after him

Who has run away with my cash,

Leaving behind an empty briefcase.

I can do nothing for you.

Go, fix your own problems

For I have to go after him

Who has run away with my cash,

Leaving behind an empty briefcase.

Note the words carefully, St. Jorge, and never forget them. You have a daughter who will soon grow into a woman. One day, someone else’s brother may harass her and she may call you in distress. Remember to sing the same song, St. Jorge.

Oh wait, I forgot! How could I forget that your wife has left you and taken your baby daughter with her? Since you hardly get an opportunity to see her, I guess you won’t even recognize her voice if she calls you in the future.

Sinner Brenda

Disclaimer: Dear Christians, St. Jorge has nothing to do with your St. George or any other saints you may be praying to. The above is a creative piece based on real life. If you see yourself or someone you know in the above piece, the writer is not responsible. 


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