Letters to Saint Jorge: Oh My God

cape-buffalo-2074923_960_720Dear St. Jorge,

When we were on speaking terms, you made many preposterous statements. I can write a book on your absurd utterances. But right now, I would like to take up just this one: “So you are an atheist. Why do you say ‘oh god’ every now and then? And the house you are living in has a statue of Jesus in it. Why do you live in that house? Get out of it right now.”

When you said those words to me, I was speechless. I am never at a loss for words, but your stupidity just knocked me senseless. But now that I have booted you out of my life, I can definitely rip your absurd statement word by word.

Yes, I am an atheist and I do say “Oh my God.” I say “Jesus” and “Jesus Christ” too. I say it out of habit. After all, I was a believer once upon a time. Today, these words make no sense to me. As far as I am concerned, these are just empty words that express shock, disbelief, annoyance, joy, and irritation. In other words, they are just expressions, not prayers.

And don’t be surprised if an atheist tells you that he/she has read your religious texts page by page. Atheists are usually well-informed people. They may be more interested in your god than you are, but in a way that you don’t like.

Now let me attack your silly attempt to boot me out of my own house just because we keep a statue of Jesus in it. Let me inform you that I have the right to live in this house because my mother built it with her own hard-earned money. Even the statue of Jesus was purchased with our hard-earned money. I may be an atheist, but I live with theists who want to pray and have an altar in the house. I may be an atheist, but I have absolutely no problems with other people praying to their gods or having their own set of beliefs.

Unlike you, St. Jorge, I can peacefully live with people who do not agree with me. Some of my best friends are theists. And they are my best friends simply because they refrain from shoving their beliefs down my throat. Unlike you, St. Jorge, they can accept me as I am.

So, I beg you, St. Jorge, grow up and practise tolerance. It’s a big world. If you consider the world to be a buffalo, you are just a teeny-weeny little fly sitting on the buffalo’s back. You may consider yourself to be God’s gift to the world, but the simple truth is that the world gives a damn for your opinions. You might as well realize that at the earliest possible.

Sinner Brenda

Disclaimer: Dear Christians, St. Jorge has nothing to do with your St. George or any other saints you may be praying to. The above is a creative piece based on real life. If you see yourself or someone you know in the above piece, the writer is not responsible. 


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