Forgiving and Moving On

patching upMy Dearest Younger Self,

Why is it that I always think of you whenever I want to write on a daily prompt? Today’s prompt is “prudence,” and I realized that I did not even know its meaning. A quick peep into WordWeb told me that prudence is “discretion in practical affairs,” “knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress.”

I don’t want to be harsh on you, but I can never forgive you for doing the following three things:

  1. You believed in God.

If only you had believed in yourself, you would have enjoyed more success and more happiness. But you literally depended on this figment of imagination called “God.”

Instead of thinking things out, rationalizing, researching, and analyzing, you chose to pray and read those so-called “spiritual” books. Aren’t you guilty of opening the Bible at random, reading a random phrase, and then attempting to create a solution to your life problems based on that random phrase?

Needless to say, you smothered yourself, never gave yourself a chance to grow and develop, and never really used your brains. Your “dependence” on religion put you into a lot of trouble, didn’t it?

  1. You believed in people.

You swallowed all the nonsense they told you, didn’t you? You never questioned them. When they criticized you, you never stood up for yourself. Instead, you believed them. And you did get into trouble for that, didn’t you?

  1. You did not believe in YOU.

Yes, you should have believed in you. Instead, you lost yourself. You spent hours wallowing in darkness. You did not have to! That was a life wasted.

Now, you have left me a lot of pieces to pick up and put together. It is a hard task, but I am doing it. Maybe the most prudent thing to do is to just forgive you and move on, but you see, forgiveness is not that easy … especially forgiveness of your own younger self.

But believe me, dearest younger self, I am doing my best to repair what you have destroyed.

Your Older and Wiser Version (OWV)


5 thoughts on “Forgiving and Moving On

  1. Well think what your older self from a decade now will be speaking to you ?

    And then proceed.

    Past is one stuff done
    Nothing can change it
    However you can decide and choose to proceed further and reshape it

    Forgiveness is tough
    But one thing that can change a lot of things in the present

    Embrace your broken self
    Then uplift from there.

    May the force be with you!

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