A New Challenge

The Bloggers Marathon Challenge is over. To say that I am happy to have successfully completed it would be an understatement. I am more than happy, and all for the following reasons.

Reason #1 – Daily Posts

Ever since I started this blog, I have wanted to post every day. The Bloggers Marathon Challenge has literally forced me to do it. I must admit that it was tough, but it proved that I could do it.

Reason #2 – Spike in Stats

Now this is something that really made me happy—a spike in stats.

Spike in stats

I think one particular post, “How to Make Akki Rotti,” is responsible for this. I promote all my posts on Facebook, but this post appears to have attracted more readers than any other post.

Reason #3 – Another Challenge

The experience of posting every day has inspired me to continue doing it, come what may.

I have always wanted to write an eBook, but never wrote one. I have heard that many people convert their blog posts into eBooks. I wonder why I shouldn’t be one of them.

I have, therefore, decided to challenge myself. These days, I am struggling with reading. Of course, I am a voracious reader and have no problems with reading. I can even speed read. But helping the little scribble to improve his reading is something totally different. The little scribble has absolutely no patience with books, although he loves it when I read to him. I want him to read to me instead. I have a feeling that making a post on reading every day, except on Saturdays and Sundays, will be of great help not just to me, but also to other people who are struggling with reading.

I have decided to make 22 posts on reading in June, at the rate of one post per day, except on Saturdays and Sundays. I hope I succeed, but don’t be surprised if I chuck the entire project and flee. I have a feeling that it will be easier said than done.

Simultaneously, I will be posting the Saraswati stories, a few creative pieces, a few myth busters, a few photos, or any of the usual things I post on Scribbles.

Reason #4: A New Website on Kudla

I have finally created a self-hosted website. I never thought that I would do it. But then, I never thought I would start Scribbles, create a Facebook page for Scribbles, and complete the Bloggers Marathon Challenge either.

My new website will be on Mangalore. You might wonder why I want to create a website on Mangalore as a lot of people have already done it. Well, I want to create a website on Mangalore because it intrigues me. I cannot imagine how I lived in Mangalore for so many years without knowing anything about it.

I remember going to school every day, carrying a huge bag on my back, but I just don’t remember learning about local plants and animals, rivers, geography, climate, people, culture, cuisine, and so on and so forth. I know I wasn’t one of the best students in my school, but I ought to have remembered at least one thing about my hometown had one of the teachers spoken about it.

I get this feeling that we take our hometown for granted. We ought to know our hometown like the back of our hands. So my new website is going to be about “living in Mangalore.”

I will export all the Mangalore articles I have posted on Scribbles so far to my new site and start promoting it by the end of this week.


Photo taken from Infant Jesus Shrine in Mangalore. The words are from a speech the little scribble gave in school. 


The Bloggers Marathon Challenge

running-coupleBefore I get lost in my own words, I would like to thank Aditi for nominating me for the Bloggers Marathon Challenge. I am thrilled, but I am also a bit worried. I have been literally struggling to post daily ever since I started this blog six months back. Even as I take up this challenge, I can feel the excuses bubbling inside me.

  • But I can’t. I really can’t. (Oh yeah, you said that before starting this blog too.)
  • Hey, what about all those SEO articles I have got to write every day? (Why don’t you show them your middle finger for a change? After all, you have been doing them for donkey’s years.)
  • I am not a machine. I need to rest. (You won’t die if you don’t take rest for seven days.)
  • Listen, I am a mother. (That baby has more brains than you. Explain the situation to him and he will understand.)
  • But I have to do the cooking, cleaning, and the grocery shopping! (Houses never complain when they get dirty. You can live on bread and water for seven days. As for the grocery shopping, just buy enough bread to last you seven days. It’s that simple.)
  • But what about those few games of Candy Crush Saga I sneak into my busy schedule? (Don’t you know that it is a crime to play Candy Crush Saga? Give it up before the law descends on you!)

So I have no more excuses left. I have made up my mind that I will make seven posts, at the rate of one post per day, for seven consecutive days and successfully complete this marathon. To make sure that I will keep my word, I have decided to tell my readers in advance about the posts I intend to make. I will be adding links as and when I finish these posts.

The Weighing Machine

It is a poem I wrote long back. I wanted to post it on my blog a long back too, but put it off because I did not have a picture. So, I finally have a picture.

Saraswati Learns Scooter Riding – Part IV

Part IV of the scooter story is ready! My head is literally bursting with ideas for these Saraswati stories. They are going to be the craziest stories ever written and I am going to have loads of fun writing them.

This is Fun – Weekly Photo Challenge

Again, I have the photos ready. All I need to do is post them.

The Potters of Mangalore

I have the photos. I just need to get the words ready. This is something I have been putting off for days.

Born Free

I have a category on my blog called “Mom Speaks” and I haven’t posted in this category for ages. All the posts in “Mom Speaks” are related to my parenting experiences and are written in honour of my lovely little boy. One of my marathon posts is going to be about my expectations as a mother.

How to Make Akki Rotis

Although I cook and cook and cook every day, I haven’t posted any recipes for a long time. When I made these rice rotis for the first time, I was so nervous that I was shivering from head to toe. Oh no, they are not too difficult to make, but I just messed things up. When they were finally ready, they were quite eatable.

Pepsi/Coke and Mentos – Is It a Killer Combination?

I haven’t busted any myth for a long time. I am absolutely sure I will go to hell if I don’t write a post on the Coke and Mentos combo.

And now I have to do a good deed. I have to nominate five bloggers for this challenge. It is supposed to be the one and only rule of the Bloggers Marathon Challenge. After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided to nominate the following wonderful bloggers for this challenge.

  1. Sunshine
  2. Zero Creativity Learnings
  3. Spiritualjourney17
  4. Praying for Eyebrowz
  5. Pritamode

Happy blogging, my friends! And you don’t have to worry about the word count. Even a post of one word will do.