Look Up – Weekly Photo Challenge

Look Up … this week’s photo challenge is truly fascinating. I sure don’t bother much about taking photos of what is above me, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done it. I do have a few “look up” photos. In fact, I found three in my photo collection.

So here goes …

I will post the best of the three first. Those who visited the Forum Fiza Mall at Pandeshwar recently will definitely recognize this one. It is the mall decked up for the Ramadan season. I really looked up to take this photo.


Forum Fiza Mall

The second is a photo of the tree tops at Tree Park on the Tannirbhavi beachfront. This is just a random photo … I wasn’t even focusing properly.


Tree Park

Now the third one is not that pretty. It is a picture of a leak at the Padil – Bajal railway under bridge (RuB). I just happened to look up and couldn’t resist clicking a pic.


Padil – Bajal RuB

It was quite fun digging out those old pictures. Hope you enjoyed them! 🙂


Loving Couples – Weekly Photo Challenge

I have been away for a long time, struggling with the new website and moaning that I can’t write a word on Scribbles. So now that I have finally beaten Life in Kudla into shape, I can scribble a few words over here.

The topic for this week’s photo challenge  is quite cute. It sent me scrambling to my collection of old photos and thankfully I found two photos that fit the topic quite well.

Of course, one of the partner’s is just a reflection. Or isn’t it? I will let you decide because I have completely forgotten.



These pics were taken at the Matsya Mela that was held in Mangalore a few months back. Hope you liked them. 🙂